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The Concrete Company For Your Concrete Repair, Paving, And Maintenance Needs.

Concrete curb and gutter, sidewalk, driveways, patios and maintenance is best done by experts with the proper equipment and years of experience. Piedmont paving has been installing concrete curb and gutter, and performing repair and maintenance work for concrete surfaces for over 20 years.


Our general concrete flatwork services are for clients who need a simple broom-finished or hard-trowel finished concrete slab, such as sidewalks and driveways, as well as porches and patios. Commercial applications include warehouse floors, parking lots and sidewalks.

These structures eliminate the need for side ditches and improve pavement performance by preventing surface water from getting beneath the pavement.

Regular maintenance of your concrete structures will extend the life of your investment. Partner with Piedmont Paving and have us evaluate the current condition of your concrete work, and prescribe a plan for ongoing routine maintenance.

Cracks and crumbling reduce the life of your concrete structures. Piedmont Paving is a trusted source for repairs between scheduled maintenance visits. Our expert craftsmanship will keep your concrete functional, while looking newer, longer.