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Recycled Crushed Concrete for Sale

Crushed Concrete Aggregate is ideal for paving projects including driveways and patios, as well as parking lots.

Recycling and reusing concrete rubble is a great way to lower costs and the environmental impact of construction projects. Recycled crushed concrete aggregate has a wide variety of uses that might otherwise require paving projects, including driveways, patios to large parking lots.

Piedmont Paving offers crushed concrete for sale in the Winston-Salem and Greensboro area in North Carolina. Contact us for availability and pricing information.

Recycling and reusing old concrete for new construction projects has become increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Crushed Concrete is a low cost solution compared to mining new aggregate because the process uses significantly less energy. Using recycled crushed concrete is also less expensive because it saves time compared to a traditional paving project.

Crushed concrete is not poured into forms and reinforced with rebar like mixed concrete. The recycled crushed concrete aggregate is simply spread out evenly across the area as loose gravel to create a parking lot, driveway or patio.

Contact us for more information about getting a load of recycled crushed concrete for your next project, or call us today – 336-595-6953.