With more than 90% of parking areas in the U.S. being paved with asphalt, according to the National Asphalt Pavement Association, it’s no wonder that asphalt is a preferred material for both residential and commercial jobs. If you’re a homeowner or the owner of a commercial property and you’re thinking of hiring an asphalt paving service, here are a few signs to look out for that can indicate that it’s time to make the call.

Crumbling Asphalt

One of the most obvious signs that asphalt is in need of repair or replacement is the visible crumbling of an asphalt parking lot or surface. Over time, asphalt can begin to crumble in particular spots or throughout the entire surface, depending on the age and maintenance of the asphalt. Other factors that play a role in determining how asphalt crumbles might include:

Warping and Buckling

A tell-tale sign that new asphalt may be necessary for any property is that the asphalt itself is beginning to warp and buckle. If the asphalt in your parking lot is no longer level or if it appears wavy, it may be time to reassess your property’s needs as well as the condition of the asphalt itself. In some cases, you may need to remove all of the asphalt you currently have to make way for new and improved material or asphalt that is more suitable for your location.

Faded Parking Indicators and Lines

Another reason to consider repaving an asphalt service is that the lines and paint indicators on the surface are no longer visible or they are quickly fading away. Painted lines for reserved and handicapped parking spots help to direct traffic while also preventing potential collisions and/or accidents from occurring, especially in busier locations. Whenever the painted lines, signage, and indicators on an asphalt surface begin to fade, it’s important to consider a paint job or that it may be time to repour the asphalt surface all over again.

Increased Accidents and/or Collisions

If you notice an uptick in collisions and accidents when it comes to the asphalt surface in question, it may be time to rethink how the surface has been poured, laid out, and directed. In some instances, painted signs, crossings, and zones must be created in order to minimize the risk of pedestrian and vehicle collisions. When there is an obvious increase in accidents or parking lot mishaps, it may be time to take a step back to reevaluate and reassess what actions need to be taken regarding the asphalt itself.

Lack of Handicap Spaces

Oftentimes, a location will call for professional asphalt paving services when they no longer have adequate room for their handicapped drivers, customers, or patrons. Whether you have begun to notice other drivers accidentally pulling into your hardly visible handicapped spots or if you simply require more handicapped parking spots, these are both clear indicators that it’s time to reach out for professional asphalt paving services in your area or region.

The Passage of Time

Even if there are no obvious issues with the paved asphalt you have surrounding your commercial or residential property, it may simply be time for an update and/or a new paint job. From repouring all of the asphalt to create a brand new parking lot to simply repainting some of the parking lot lines, it’s recommended to keep up with your asphalt surfaces at least once every five years or so, depending on the amount of traffic your location receives. Maintaining your asphalt surfaces can significantly reduce the cost of replacing asphalt completely in the future.

Knowing what to look for when it comes to hiring an asphalt paving service can help to save time while significantly reducing the costs of any asphalt-based project. Whether you’re interested in having your entire driveway paved, your surroundings, or a specific area in your backyard, knowing what to search for when seeking an asphalt paving service is key to positive long-term results. If you’ve noticed any of the signs above and are in need of a reliable asphalt paving service, call Piedmont Paving today!

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